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A leader in outdoor education on the Central Coast of California, Exploring New Horizons has offered children grades K-8 rich experiential learning opportunities to safely explore the natural, un-plugged world since 1979. With a logo that had remained unchanged since their inception (and was affectionately referred to as “the chicken feet”), we worked with Exploring New Horizons capitalize on its superior placement in its market through a complete rebranding process. Sarah performed site visits and facilitated an active, day-long board retreat to explore core values, mission and vision, branding, market analysis and position, and key messaging, a process that helped their team quickly discover the organization’s evolving DNA and articulate a more sophisticated but youth-driven identity rooted deeply in its coastal California heritage.


“Through Sarah’s work an exciting new look and a clear understanding of our organizational strengths and weaknesses reinvigorated our Board of Directors around Exploring New Horizons’ potential. Our organization now has a stronger sense of unity and understanding among the staff, leadership and stakeholders.”
– Tracey Weiss, Executive Director


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