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Mac + Cob Business Therapy

Business Therapy is a boutique creative services company specializing in transformational business development and brand strengthening. We happily provide our clients with deliverables like action plans, brand platforms and marketing copy, but the value of our work is in the active exploration process we undertake with our clients to discover new ideas, strategies and solutions. We value the journey just as much as the final product and while we offer our own bright ideas along the way, our clients come to us to be guided toward their own solutions. We offer the support and efficient strategies to help our clients gain new skills, but the victories are all theirs.


We view branding as an ongoing process – one that is constantly evolving as your business grows. We help our clients identify and refine their vision, core values, identity, brand promise and key messaging to make sure you stand out in your marketplace. We also work with a talented team of designers who then translate this work into visual branding that embodies who you are and what you do.


Sometimes an outside perspective can make all the difference. We help our clients identify their strengths, embrace opportunities for improvement and expand the realm of possibility. We provide knowledgeable insight into brand management and expansion, web and print presence, operational refinement and general problem solving.


Many of our clients can’t see the forest for the trees. Entrenched in the day-to-day concerns of running a business, they often can’t fathom doing more. We provide thoughtful support by encouraging our clients to think outside of the box, dream as big as they can and create their own solutions. Whether through short-term goal setting or long-term planning, nothing gives us greater joy than watching our clients become empowered to innovate, expand and find flow with their businesses.


Not everyone is a natural-born blogger or trawler of the internet. M+C provides a range of communications services, from blogging and social media, to content creation, email campaigns, copywriting, copyediting and proofreading. Across platforms, we can help you engage your audience and nurture the conversation.


Non Profit organizations play a special role in the health of our communities. We offer support to some of the most passionate and creative community builders in the form of strategic planning and relationship building, board retreat facilitation, sustainability and development consultation, grant writing, and project management. We believe that by helping these community partners stay true to their missions and visions, we can provide them with the tools to succeed in an ever-changing social and fiscal landscape.


We believe firmly in the power of people working together to envision, experiment, and innovate. We offer educational workshops to help teams develop corporate or group identity and branding, as well as daylong or weekend retreats for branding exploration, strategic planning, marketing and messaging, goal setting, project development and other means of creative exploration.


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