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An innovative community resource network, The Arroyo Seco Network of Time Banks (ASNTB) is a leader in the worldwide Time Banking movement. When Sarah began working with co-founder Autumn Rooney, the movement was desperately in need of regional hub for information sharing and technical support. Sarah worked with Autumn to develop the internal data and relationship building necessary for a viable grants program. After securing funding from the Annenberg Foundation Sarah provided strategic planning and branding exploration to help Autumn launch the first-ever state-wide California Federation of Time Banks. Sarah also led the research, development, fundraising and implementation of the ASNTB’s Community Revolving Loan Fund, a community supported micro-loan program for Time Bank entrepreneurs, cottage enterprisers and worker-owned cooperatives, as well as the Local Economy Incubator – a program designed to foster collaborative strategies and community building for the Sharing Economy.


“Sarah has been an invaluable source of knowledge and support. She helped us develop a clear strategy to achieve our fundraising goal and to launch a successful Time Bank network. Our organization has dramatically expanded with Sarah’s guidance. Her reliable professionalism, strategic mind and creativity have brought us to a whole new level. What I value most about Sarah is her unlimited optimism because it gives me the confidence to aim higher and do more. Working with her has been a joy and I am truly grateful for her nurturing spirit and contagious passion.”
– Autumn Rooney, ASNTB Co-Director and Co-founder


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